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Workspace Method cloudbox_fieldInterp2Azimuth


Interpolate a cloudbox_field with azimuthal dependency to a cloudbox_fieldwith a specific azimuth angle.

Intended use: Call directly after DisortCalc if sun is present and yCalc should be
should be run afterwards.
In ARTS a 1D atmosphere cannot have a azimuth dependency, but if a 
collimated source like a sun is present even a 1D atmosphere has an 
azimuth dependency. To overcome this constraint, the user must set an 
additional local sensor line of sight azimuth angle for the true
geopgraphical location of the atmosphere. For this angle the 
cloudbox_field with azimuthal dependency is interpolated to a 
cloudbox_field without azimuthal dependency

Authors: Manfred Brath


cloudbox_fieldInterp2Azimuth( cloudbox_field, cloudbox_on, aa_grid, local_los_azimuth_angle, aa_interp_order )


OUT+INcloudbox_field(Tensor7)The spectral radiance field inside the cloudbx.
INcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
INaa_grid(Vector)Azimuthal angle grid.
GINlocal_los_azimuth_angle(Numeric)Local line of sight azimuth angle
GINaa_interp_order(Index, Default: 1)Azimuth angle interpolation order.