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Workspace Method cloudbox_field_monoIterate


Iterative solution of the VRTE (DOIT method).

A solution for the RTE with scattering is found using the
DOIT method:
 1. Calculate scattering integral using doit_scat_field_agenda.
 2. Calculate RT with fixed scattered field using
 3. Convergence test using doit_conv_test_agenda.

Note: The atmospheric dimensionality atmosphere_dim can be
      either 1 or 3. To these dimensions the method adapts
      automatically. 2D scattering calculations are not

Authors: Claudia Emde, Jakob Doerr


cloudbox_field_monoIterate( cloudbox_field_mono, doit_scat_field_agenda, doit_rte_agenda, doit_conv_test_agenda, accelerated )


OUT+INcloudbox_field_mono(Tensor6)Monochromatic radiation field inside the cloudbox.
INdoit_scat_field_agenda(Agenda)Agenda calculating the scattering integral field in DOIT.
INdoit_rte_agenda(Agenda)Agenda performing the DOIT cloudbox radiative transfer update.
INdoit_conv_test_agenda(Agenda)Agenda executing the DOIT convergence test.
GINaccelerated(Index, Default: 0)Index wether to accelerate only the intensity (1) or the whole Stokes Vector (4)