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Workspace Method complex_refr_indexIceMatzler06


Refractive index of ice following Matzler06 parameterization.

Calculates temperature dependent complex refractive index of
hexagonal ice at microwave and sub-mm frequencies (10MHz-3Tz).

This parametrization is also applied by the microwave and
submm-wave part of the Warren08 model.

Matzler, C., 2006: Thermal Microwave Radiation: Application for
Remote Sensing, Microwave dielectric properties of ice, pp. 455-462,
Inst. Eng. Technol., Stevenage, U. K.
Warren, S. G., and R. E. Brandt, 2008: Optical constants of ice
from the ultraviolet to the microwave: A revised compilation,
J. Geophys. Res., 113, D14220, doi:10.1029/2007JD009744.

Authors: Jana Mendrok


complex_refr_indexIceMatzler06( complex_refr_index, data_f_grid, data_T_grid )


OUTcomplex_refr_index(GriddedField3)Complex refractive index (n) data.
GINdata_f_grid(Vector)Frequency grid for refractive index calculation
GINdata_T_grid(Vector)Temperature grid for refractive index calculation