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Workspace Method complex_refr_indexIceWarren84


Refractive index of ice following Warren84 parameterization.

Calculates complex refractive index of Ice 1H for wavelengths
between 45 nm and 8.6 m.
For wavelengths above 167 microns, temperature dependence is
included for temperatures between 213 and 272K.
Mainly intended for applications in Earth ice
clouds and snow, not other planets or interstellar space;
the temperature dependence or crystalline form of ice may be
incorrect for these latter applications.

Authors of Fortran function:
Stephen Warren, Univ. of Washington (1983)
Bo-Cai Gao, JCESS, Univ. of Maryland (1995)
Warren Wiscombe, NASA Goddard (1995)

Warren, S., 1984: Optical Constants of Ice from the Ultraviolet
to the Microwave, Appl. Opt. 23, 1206-1225

Kou, L., D. Labrie, and P. Chylek, 1994: Refractive indices
of water and ice in the 0.65- to 2.5-micron spectral range,
Appl. Opt. 32, 3531-3540

Perovich, D., and J. Govoni, 1991: Absorption Coefficients
of Ice from 250 to 400 nm, Geophys. Res. Lett. 18, 1233-1235

Authors: Oliver Lemke


complex_refr_indexIceWarren84( complex_refr_index, data_f_grid, data_T_grid )


OUTcomplex_refr_index(GriddedField3)Complex refractive index (n) data.
GINdata_f_grid(Vector)Frequency grid for refractive index calculation
GINdata_T_grid(Vector)Temperature grid for refractive index calculation