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Workspace Method complex_refr_indexWaterLiebe93


Complex refractive index of liquid water according to Liebe 1993.

The method treats liquid water without salt. Thus, not valid below
10 GHz. Upper frequency limit not known, here set to 1000 GHz.
Model parameters taken from Atmlab function epswater93 (by
C. Maetzler), which refer to Liebe 1993 without closer

Temperatures must be between -40 and 100 degrees Celsius. The
accuracy of the parametrization below 0 C is not known by us.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson, Oliver Lemke


complex_refr_indexWaterLiebe93( complex_refr_index, data_f_grid, data_T_grid )


OUTcomplex_refr_index(GriddedField3)Complex refractive index (n) data.
GINdata_f_grid(Vector)Frequency grid for refractive index calculation
GINdata_T_grid(Vector)Temperature grid for refractive index calculation