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Workspace Method complex_refr_indexWaterVisibleNIRHarvey98


Refractive index of water and steam for the optical and near infrared.

Refractive index as function of temparature, frequency and density.
It is limited only to the real part. The imaginary part is 0.

Revised formulation for the Refractive Index of Water and Steam as a Function
of Wavelength, Temperature and Density
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 27, 761 (1998), 27, 761 

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Range of validity:
271.15K < temperature < 773.15K
0 kg m^-3 < density < 1060 kg m^-3
157.785504THz < frequency < 1498.96229THz or  0.2µm < wavelength < 1.9µm

Density can be set as Vector of size 1 or it must have the same size as
as data_t_grid.

IMPORTANT: Though the output is complex_refr_index, it only contains
the real part. The imaginry part is zero.

Authors: Manfred Brath


complex_refr_indexWaterVisibleNIRHarvey98( complex_refr_index, data_f_grid, data_t_grid, density_water, only_valid_range )


OUT+INcomplex_refr_index(GriddedField3)Complex refractive index (n) data.
GINdata_f_grid(Vector)Frequency grid for refractive index calculation
GINdata_t_grid(Vector)Temperature grid for refractive index calculation
GINdensity_water(Vector)Density of water
GINonly_valid_range(Index, Default: 1)Flag. If true refractive index is calculated only within range of validity and it will throw an error if outside range of validity. If false no check is made, so use at your own risk.