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Workspace Method covmat_seAddBlock


Add a block to the measurement covariance matrix covmat_se

This functions adds a given dense or sparse matrix as block to the covariance
matrix covmat_sx. The position of the block can be given by the generic
arguments *i* and *j*. Note that diagonal blocks must be added in order starting from
 in  the top left corner. If an off-diagonal block is added it must have corresponding
 existing blocks on the diagonal and these must be consistent with the dimensions
 of the block.  If *i* and *j*  are not provided, the blok will be added
at the first free spot on the diagonal.

Authors: Simon Pfreundschuh


covmat_seAddBlock( covmat_se, block, i, j )


OUT+INcovmat_se(CovarianceMatrix)Covariance matrix for observation uncertainties.
GINblock(Matrix, Sparse)The block to add to the covariance matrix
GINi(Index, Default: -1)Index of a retrieval quantity. Must satisfy *i* <= *j*.
GINj(Index, Default: -1)Index of a retrieval quantity. Must satisfy *i* <= *j*.