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Workspace Method diameter_maxFromDiameter_volume_equ


Calculates maximum and area equivalent diameters from volume
equivalent diameter.

This is primarily a help function for using the T-matrix method
and only a few particle shapes are handled. 
For shapes handled and further comments on the input arguments, see

Area equivalent diameter is the equivalent sphere diameter
corresponding to the "maximum axial area". This is the largest
cross-sectional area of the particle, observed either along the
particle's main axis or in the perpendicular direction. That is,
for a cylinder having diameter d and thickness h, this area is
either (pi*d^2)/4 or (h*d).

Authors: Johan Strandgren, Patrick Eriksson


diameter_maxFromDiameter_volume_equ( diameter_max, diameter_area_equ, shape, diameter_volume_equ, aspect_ratio )


GOUTdiameter_max(Numeric)Maximum dimension of the particle.
GOUTdiameter_area_equ(Numeric)Maximum axial area equivalent diameter of the particle, see above.
GINshape(String)Particle shape.
GINdiameter_volume_equ(Numeric)Particle equivalent volume diameter.
GINaspect_ratio(Numeric)Particle aspect ratio.