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Workspace Method diameter_volume_equFromDiameter_max


Converts from maximum to volume equivalent diameter.

This is primarily a help function for using the T-matrix part
and only a few particle shapes are handled. 
For shapes handled and further comments on the input arguments,
see scat_data_singleTmatrix.

Also the volume is provided. It is simply sqrt(pi*dveq^3/6).

Authors: Johan Strandgren, Patrick Eriksson


diameter_volume_equFromDiameter_max( diameter_volume_equ, volume, shape, diameter_max, aspect_ratio )


GOUTdiameter_volume_equ(Numeric)Particle volume equivalent diameter.
GOUTvolume(Numeric)Volume of the particle.
GINshape(String)Particle shape.
GINdiameter_max(Numeric)Maximum dimension of the particle.
GINaspect_ratio(Numeric)Particle aspect ratio.