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Workspace Method dlosUniform


Gives dlos a rectangular coverage, with uniform spacing.

The directions described by dlos are uniform with respect
to relative zenith and azimuth (and thus are NOT uniform in
solid angle). The same angular grid is applied in both angular
dimensions. With width = 1 and npoints = 5, the angular grids
both are [-0.4, -0.2, 0, 0.2, 0.4].

The inner loop in is the zenith direction. That is, first comes
all relative zenith angles for first relative azimuth angle etc.

For default settings, the resulting number of dlos-directions
is npoints * npoints.

If GIN *crop_circular* is true, dlos-es at a radius outside of
width/2 are removed. The resulting number of directions then
approaches pi*npoints*npoints/4, for high values of *npoints*.
There is no effect of *crop_circular* for npoints=2, while for
npoints=3 the corner points are removed (despite being inside
the radius limit) and the number of directions becomes five.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


dlosUniform( dlos, dlos_weight_vector, width, npoints, crop_circular )


OUTdlos(Matrix)A set of relative angles.
OUTdlos_weight_vector(Vector)A weight associated with each direction dlos.
GINwidth(Numeric)The full width, in each dimension, in degrees.
GINnpoints(Index)Number of points over the width, in each dimension (>1).
GINcrop_circular(Index, Default: 0)Set to 1, to crop dlos-es to obtain a pseudo-circular pattern.