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Workspace Method doit_conv_flagLsq


DOIT convergence test (least squares).

As doit_conv_flagAbsBT but applies a least squares convergence
test between two successive iteration fields.

Warning: This method is not recommended because this kind of
convergence test is not sufficiently strict, so that the
DOIT result might be wrong.

Authors: Claudia Emde


doit_conv_flagLsq( doit_conv_flag, doit_iteration_counter, cloudbox_field_mono, cloudbox_field_mono_old, f_grid, f_index, epsilon, max_iterations, nonconv_return_nan )


OUT+INdoit_conv_flag(Index)Flag for the convergence test.
OUT+INdoit_iteration_counter(Index)Counter for number of iterations.
OUT+INcloudbox_field_mono(Tensor6)Monochromatic radiation field inside the cloudbox.
INcloudbox_field_mono_old(Tensor6)As cloudbox_field_mono but from previous iteration.
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INf_index(Index)Frequency index.
GINepsilon(Vector)Limits for convergence. A vector with length matching stokes_dim with unit [K].
GINmax_iterations(Index, Default: 100)Maximum number of iterations allowed to reach convergencelimit.
GINnonconv_return_nan(Index, Default: 0)Flag whether to accept result at max_iterations (0=default)or whether to return NaNs in case of non-convergence atmax_iterations