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Workspace Method ecs_dataAddSpeciesData


Sets ECS data for one set of species and quantum identifiers.

Authors: Richard Larsson


ecs_dataAddSpeciesData( ecs_data, isotopologue_ratios, qid, species, scaling_type, scaling, beta_type, beta, lambda_type, lambda, collisional_distance_type, collisional_distance )


OUT+INecs_data(MapOfErrorCorrectedSuddenData)Error corrected sudden data
INisotopologue_ratios(SpeciesIsotopologueRatios)Contains the isotopologue ratios.
GINqid(QuantumIdentifier)Band identifier
GINspecies(String)Species identifier
GINscaling_type(String, Default: "T0")Temperature model for the main scaling coefficients for Q
GINscaling(Vector)Main scaling coefficients for Q
GINbeta_type(String, Default: "T0")Temperature model for the energy scaling coefficient for Q
GINbeta(Vector)Energy scaling coefficient for Q
GINlambda_type(String, Default: "T0")Temperature model for the energy exponent for Q
GINlambda(Vector)Energy exponent for Q
GINcollisional_distance_type(String, Default: "T0")Temperature model for the mean collision interaction distance
GINcollisional_distance(Vector)Mean collision interaction distance