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Workspace Method heating_ratesFromIrradiance


Calculates heating rates from the irradiance_field.

The method assumes that the heating rates depend only on the
vertical derivation of the net flux. The net flux is the sum of the
irradiance_field in upward direction and the irradiance_field
in downward direction

Authors: Manfred Brath


heating_ratesFromIrradiance( heating_rates, p_grid, irradiance_field, specific_heat_capacity, g0 )


OUTheating_rates(Tensor3)The heating rates of atmospheric layers.
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INirradiance_field(Tensor4)Irradiance field also known as flux density.
INspecific_heat_capacity(Tensor3)Specific heat capacity.
INg0(Numeric)Gravity at zero altitude.