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Workspace Method iyCalc


A single monochromatic pencil beam calculation.

Performs monochromatic radiative transfer calculations for the
specified position (rte_pos) and line-of-sight (rte_pos).
See iy and associated variables for format of output.

Please note that Jacobian type calculations not are supported.
For this use yCalc.

No sensor characteristics are applied. These are most easily
incorporated by using yCalc

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


iyCalc( iy, iy_aux, ppath, geo_pos, atmgeom_checked, atmfields_checked, iy_aux_vars, iy_id, cloudbox_on, cloudbox_checked, scat_data_checked, f_grid, nlte_field, rte_pos, rte_los, rte_pos2, iy_unit, iy_main_agenda )


OUTiy(Matrix)Monochromatic pencil beam radiance spectrum.
OUTiy_aux(ArrayOfMatrix)Data auxiliary to iy.
OUTppath(Ppath)The propagation path for one line-of-sight.
OUTgeo_pos(Vector)Geo-position of a measurement.
INatmgeom_checked(Index)OK-flag for the geometry of the model atmosphere.
INatmfields_checked(Index)OK-flag for atmospheric grids and (physical) fields.
INiy_aux_vars(ArrayOfString)Selection of quantities for iy_aux and when applicable also y_aux.
INiy_id(Index)Identification number of iy.
INcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_checked(Index)OK-flag for variables associated with the cloudbox.
INscat_data_checked(Index)OK-flag for scat_data.
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INnlte_field(EnergyLevelMap)The field of NLTE temperatures and/or ratios.
INrte_pos(Vector)A geographical position for starting radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_los(Vector)A line-of-sight for (complete) radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_pos2(Vector)A second geographical position to define the geometry for radiative transfer calculations.
INiy_unit(String)Selection of output unit for radiative transfer methods.
INiy_main_agenda(Agenda)Calculation of a single monochromatic pencil beam spectrum.