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Workspace Method jacobianAddBasicCatalogParameter


Includes a basic catalog parameter in the Jacobian. These are constant
over all layers and so only a single vector output is returned.

The only basic catalog parameters currently supported are:

The *catalog_identity* should be able to identify one or many
lines in the catalog used for calculating the spectral absorption.
Note that partial matching for energy levels are allowed but not
recommended, as it is somewhat nonsensical to add multiple parameters.

Also note jacobianAddShapeCatalogParameter as this allows addition
of shape parameters, e.g., pressure broadening coefficients.

Each call to this function adds just a single value to x.

Example given the catalog_identity="O2-66 TR UP v1 0 J 1 LO v1 0 J 0",
only the O2 ground-level 119 GHz line can be accessed and only its
catalog_parameter will be accessed.  However, the more lenient
catalog_identity="O2-66 TR UP J 1 LO J 0" may be used, but then the
118 GHz line belonging to v1=1 branch will be added to the same x.

Authors: Richard Larsson


jacobianAddBasicCatalogParameter( jacobian_quantities, jacobian_agenda, catalog_identity, catalog_parameter )


OUT+INjacobian_quantities(ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity)The retrieval quantities in the Jacobian matrix.
OUT+INjacobian_agenda(Agenda)Pure numerical Jacobian calculation agenda.
GINcatalog_identity(QuantumIdentifier)The catalog line matching information.
GINcatalog_parameter(String)The catalog parameter of the retrieval quantity.