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Workspace Method jacobianFromTwoY


Sets jacobian based on the difference vetween two measurement vectors.

This function assumes that *y_pert* contains a measurement calculated
with some variable perturbed, in comparison to the calculation
behind y. The function takes the differences between *y_pert*
and y to form a numerical derived estimate of jacobian.
This gives a Jacobian wit a single column.

jacobian equals here: (y_pert-y)/pert_size.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


jacobianFromTwoY( jacobian, y, y_pert, pert_size )


OUTjacobian(Matrix)The Jacobian matrix.
INy(Vector)The measurement vector.
GINy_pert(Vector)Perturbed measurement vector
GINpert_size(Numeric)Size of perturbation behind spectra in ybatch.