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Workspace Method mblock_dlosFrom1dAntenna


Sets mblock_dlos based on a 1D gaussian antenna response.

The length of mblock_dlos is determined by *npoints*. The end
points of the grid are set to be the same as for the antenna
response. The spacing of the grid follows the magnitude of the
response; the spacing is smaller where the response is high.
More precisely, the grid points are determined by dividing the
cumulative sum of the response in equal steps.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


mblock_dlosFrom1dAntenna( mblock_dlos, antenna_response, npoints )


OUTmblock_dlos(Matrix)The set of angular pencil beam directions for each measurement block.
INantenna_response(GriddedField4)The antenna pattern/response.
GINnpoints(Index)Number of points (>1) to include in mblock_dlos.