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Workspace Method mblock_dlos_gridUniformRectangular


Gives mblock_dlos_grid rectangular coverage, with uniform spacing.

The method creates an equidistant rectangular grid. The width in zenith
and azimuth can differ. Note that selected widths are half-widths (i.e.
distance from (0,0), and refers to the mimumum value allowed. The actual
width depends on values selected for *spacing* and *centre*.

Defualt is to consider grid positions of ..., -spacing/2, spacing/2, ...
If you want to have (0,0) as a point in mblock_dlos_grid, change
*centre* from its default value.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


mblock_dlos_gridUniformRectangular( mblock_dlos_grid, spacing, za_width, aa_width, centre )


OUTmblock_dlos_grid(Matrix)The set of angular pencil beam directions for each measurement block.
GINspacing(Numeric)The angular spacing between points.
GINza_width(Numeric)Min value of half-width in zenith angle direction.
GINaa_width(Numeric)Min value of half-width in azimuth angle direction.
GINcentre(Index, Default: 0)Set to 1 to place a point at (0,0).