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Workspace Method nlte_fieldLteExternalPartitionFunction


Turns on NTLE calculations.

Sets NLTE ratios to those expected for LTE calculations
with a known partition function

Authors: Richard Larsson


nlte_fieldLteExternalPartitionFunction( nlte_do, nlte_field, abs_lines_per_species, nlte_level_identifiers, t_field )


OUTnlte_do(Index)Flag to perform Non-LTE calculations.
OUTnlte_field(EnergyLevelMap)The field of NLTE temperatures and/or ratios.
OUT+INabs_lines_per_species(ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data for each tag.
INnlte_level_identifiers(ArrayOfQuantumIdentifier)An array of non-lte quantum identifiers for levels matching nlte_field_raw and on request nlte_vibrational_energies.
INt_field(Tensor3)The field of atmospheric temperatures.