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Workspace Method opt_prop_bulkCalc


Calculates bulk absorption extinction at one atmospheric grid point.

This WSM sums up the monochromatic absorption vectors and
extinction matrices of all scattering elements (abs_vec_spt and
ext_mat_spt, respectively) weighted by their respective
particle number density given by pnd_field, for a single location
within the cloudbox, given by scat_p_index, scat_lat_index, and
The resulting  extinction matrix is added to the workspace variable

Authors: Jana Mendrok, Sreerekha T.R.


opt_prop_bulkCalc( ext_mat, abs_vec, ext_mat_spt, abs_vec_spt, pnd_field, scat_p_index, scat_lat_index, scat_lon_index )


OUT+INext_mat(PropagationMatrix)Total extinction matrix.
OUT+INabs_vec(StokesVector)Total absorption vector.
INext_mat_spt(ArrayOfPropagationMatrix)Extinction matrix for all individual scattering elements.
INabs_vec_spt(ArrayOfStokesVector)Absorption vectors of the scattering elements.
INpnd_field(Tensor4)Particle number density field.
INscat_p_index(Index)Pressure index for scattering calculations.
INscat_lat_index(Index)Latitude index for scattering calculations.
INscat_lon_index(Index)Longitude index for scattering calculations.