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Workspace Method p_gridRefine


Provides refined pressure grid.

Created new pressure grid has (log10) spacings below a given

For safety, new grid and old grid Vectors are not allowed to be the
same variable (both will be needed later on for regridding of the
atmospheric fields), and atmospheric field related *checked WSV are
reset to 0 (unchecked).

Authors: Stefan Buehler, Jana Mendrok


p_gridRefine( p_grid, atmfields_checked, atmgeom_checked, cloudbox_checked, p_grid_old, p_step )


OUTp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
OUTatmfields_checked(Index)OK-flag for atmospheric grids and (physical) fields.
OUTatmgeom_checked(Index)OK-flag for the geometry of the model atmosphere.
OUTcloudbox_checked(Index)OK-flag for variables associated with the cloudbox.
GINp_grid_old(Vector)A copy of the current (the old) p_grid. Not allowed to be the same variable as the output p_grid.
GINp_step(Numeric)Maximum step in log10(p[Pa]). If the pressure grid is coarser than this, additional points are added until each log step is smaller than this.