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Workspace Method particle_bulkprop_fieldClip


Clipping of particle_bulkprop_field.

The method allows you to apply hard limits the values of
particle_bulkprop_field. All values, of the property selected,
below ``limit_low``, are simply set to ``limit_low``. And the same
is performed with respect to ``limit_high``. That is, the data in x
for the retrieval quantity are forced to be inside the range

Setting species="ALL", is a shortcut for applying the limits on all

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


particle_bulkprop_fieldClip( particle_bulkprop_field, particle_bulkprop_names, bulkprop_name, limit_low, limit_high )


OUT+INparticle_bulkprop_field(Tensor4)Container for various data that describes scattering bulk properties.
INparticle_bulkprop_names(ArrayOfString)Identification of the data in particle_bulkprop_field.
GINbulkprop_name(String)Name of bulk property to consider, or "ALL".
GINlimit_low(Numeric, Default: -Inf)Lower limit for clipping.
GINlimit_high(Numeric, Default: Inf)Upper limit for clipping.