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Workspace Method particle_massesFromMetaDataSingleCategory


Sets particle_masses based on scat_meta assuming
all particles are of the same mass category.

This method derives the particle masses from the mass entry
of each scattering element. It is assumed that all scattering
elements represent particles of the same (bulk) matter
(e.g. water or ice). With other words, a single mass category
is assumed (see particle_masses for a definition of "mass

If just having clouds, the resulting mass category can be seen as
the total cloud water content, with possible contribution from
both ice and liquid phase.

Authors: Jana Mendrok, Patrick Eriksson


particle_massesFromMetaDataSingleCategory( particle_masses, scat_meta )


OUTparticle_masses(Matrix)The mass of individual particles (or bulks).
INscat_meta(ArrayOfArrayOfScatteringMetaData)An Array of scattering meta data (scat_meta_single).