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Workspace Method ppathCalcFromAltitude


Moves rte_pos forwards to near altitude before calling ppathCalc
to compute a different ppath.  The accuracy-variable gives minimum
distance before the input altitude.

The forward-moving algorithm calls ppathCalc several
times at reduced maximum distances.  The intention is to maintain
the correct rte_los for a given rte_pos at all altitudes.  The
method is thus relatively slow, and VERY memory intense at low

Intended to be used with "tropospheric corrections" from ground
geometry.  Not well-tested

Throws error if no altitude is in line of sight.

Authors: Richard Larsson


ppathCalcFromAltitude( ppath, ppath_agenda, ppath_lmax, ppath_lraytrace, atmgeom_checked, f_grid, cloudbox_on, cloudbox_checked, ppath_inside_cloudbox_do, rte_pos, rte_los, rte_pos2, altitude, accuracy )


OUTppath(Ppath)The propagation path for one line-of-sight.
INppath_agenda(Agenda)Agenda calculating complete propagation paths.
INppath_lmax(Numeric)Maximum length between points describing propagation paths.
INppath_lraytrace(Numeric)Maximum length of ray tracing steps when determining propagation paths.
INatmgeom_checked(Index)OK-flag for the geometry of the model atmosphere.
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_checked(Index)OK-flag for variables associated with the cloudbox.
INppath_inside_cloudbox_do(Index)Flag to perform ray tracing inside the cloudbox.
INrte_pos(Vector)A geographical position for starting radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_los(Vector)A line-of-sight for (complete) radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_pos2(Vector)A second geographical position to define the geometry for radiative transfer calculations.
GINaltitude(Numeric)Altitude to move forward towards
GINaccuracy(Numeric, Default: 0.5)Accuracy of altitude