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Workspace Method ppathWriteXMLPartial


WSM to only write a reduced Ppath, omitting grid positions.

The following fields are set to be empty: gp_p, gp_lat and gp_lon.
This cam drastically decrease the time for reading the structure
by some external software.

If *file_index is >= 0, the variable is written to a file with name:
where <file_index> is the value of file_index.

This means that *filename* shall here not include the .xml
extension. Omitting filename works as for WriteXML.

Authors: Oliver Lemke


ppathWriteXMLPartial( output_file_format, ppath, filename, file_index )


INoutput_file_format(String)Output file format.
INppath(Ppath)The propagation path for one line-of-sight.
GINfilename(String, Default: "")File name. See above.
GINfile_index(Index, Default: -1)Optional file index to append to filename.