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Workspace Method ppath_agendaSet


Sets ppath_agenda to a default value

Options are:

- ``"FollowSensorLosPath"``:

    1. Uses ppathStepByStep to set ppath

- ``"PlaneParallel"``:

    1. Uses ppathPlaneParallel to set ppath

- ``"TransmitterReceiverPath"``:

    1. Uses rte_losGeometricFromRtePosToRtePos2 to set rte_los
    2. Uses ppathFromRtePos2 to set ppath, and also to modify rte_los, and ppath_lraytrace

Authors: Richard Larsson


ppath_agendaSet( ppath_agenda, option )


OUTppath_agenda(Agenda)Calculation of complete propagation paths.
GINoption(String)Default agenda option (see description)