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Workspace Method predefined_model_dataAddHitranMTCKD


Sets the data for Hitran MTCKD

Note that the vectors must have the same length, and that wavenumbers must be growing
at a constant rate.  The minimum length is 4.

Note also that as this is predefined model data, the units of the values of the vectors
must be as described by each vector.

Authors: Richard Larsson


predefined_model_dataAddHitranMTCKD( predefined_model_data, self_absco_ref, for_absco_ref, wavenumbers, self_texp )


OUT+INpredefined_model_data(PredefinedModelData)This contains predefined model data that cannot be distributed directly for whatever reason Can currently only contain data for new MT CKD models of water.
GINself_absco_ref(Vector)Self absorption [1/(cm-1 molecules/cm^2]
GINfor_absco_ref(Vector)Foreign absorption [1/(cm-1 molecules/cm^2)]
GINwavenumbers(Vector)Wavenumbers [cm-1]
GINself_texp(Vector)Self temperature exponent [-]