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Workspace Method propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies


Adds a scaled target species absorption to propmat_clearsky and nlte_source

This recomputes the entire propagation matrix.  There are more efficient ways
to do these calculations but this method exist because of the composability it

Authors: Richard Larsson


propmat_clearskyAddScaledSpecies( propmat_clearsky, nlte_source, jacobian_quantities, select_abs_species, f_grid, rtp_mag, rtp_los, rtp_pressure, rtp_temperature, rtp_nlte, rtp_vmr, propmat_clearsky_agenda, target, scale )


OUT+INpropmat_clearsky(PropagationMatrix)This contains the absorption coefficients for one point in the atmosphere.
OUT+INnlte_source(StokesVector)Variable to contain the additional source function due to NLTE effects.
INjacobian_quantities(ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity)The retrieval quantities in the Jacobian matrix.
INselect_abs_species(ArrayOfSpeciesTag)A select species tag group from abs_species If set to empty, this selection is void.
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INrtp_mag(Vector)Magnetic field at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_los(Vector)Line-of-sight at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_pressure(Numeric)Pressure at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_temperature(Numeric)Temperature at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_nlte(EnergyLevelMap)NLTE temperature/ratio at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_vmr(Vector)Absorption species abundances for radiative transfer calculations.
INpropmat_clearsky_agenda(Agenda)Calculate the absorption coefficient matrix.
GINtarget(ArrayOfSpeciesTag)Target species tags to rescale (must be in abs_species
GINscale(Numeric)Rescaling factor (e.g., 0.1 adds 10% of the species to the absorption)