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Workspace Method psdModifiedGammaMass


Modified gamma distribution (MGD) PSD, with mass content as input.

See psdModifiedGamma for a defintion of MGD parameters and how
this PSD is handled in ARTS. Only deviations with respect to
psdModifiedGamma are described here.

This version of MGD PSD takes mass content as first input argument.
This means that the first column of pnd_agenda_input shall hold
mass content data.

The mass content basically replaces one of the standard parameters
(n0, mu, la and ga). This parameter is denoted as the dependent one.
The dependent parameter is selected by setting the corresponding GIN
to -999. So far only n0 and la are allowed to be dependent.

Regarding remaining columns in pnd_agenda_input and constant
parameter values (by GIN) follows the same principle as for
psdModifiedGamma except that mass is always in column one (as
mentioned) and that there is no position in pnd_agenda_input
for the dependent parameter.

These requirements apply to the MGD parameters:
 (1) mu + scat_species_b + 1 > 0
 (2) la > 0
 (3) ga > 0
 (4) If la is the dependent parameter, mass content must be > 0.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


psdModifiedGammaMass( psd_data, dpsd_data_dx, psd_size_grid, pnd_agenda_input_t, pnd_agenda_input, pnd_agenda_input_names, dpnd_data_dx_names, scat_species_a, scat_species_b, n0, mu, la, ga, t_min, t_max, picky )


OUTpsd_data(Matrix)Particle size distribution values for a set of points.
OUTdpsd_data_dx(Tensor3)Partial derivates of psd_data.
INpsd_size_grid(Vector)The particle sizes associated with psd_data.
INpnd_agenda_input_t(Vector)Temperature input to one element of pnd_agenda_array.
INpnd_agenda_input(Matrix)The variable input to one element of pnd_agenda_array.
INpnd_agenda_input_names(ArrayOfString)Naming of (existing or expected) data in pnd_agenda_input.
INdpnd_data_dx_names(ArrayOfString)Selection of partial derivatives of pnd_data.
INscat_species_a(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
INscat_species_b(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
GINn0(Numeric, Default: NaN)n0
GINmu(Numeric, Default: NaN)mu
GINla(Numeric, Default: NaN)la
GINga(Numeric, Default: NaN)ga
GINt_min(Numeric)Low temperature limit to calculate a psd.
GINt_max(Numeric)High temperature limit to calculate a psd.
GINpicky(Index, Default: 0)Flag whether to be strict with parametrization value checks.