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Workspace Method psdWangEtAl16


Wang et al. [2016] particle size distribution for rain.

Reference: Wang et al., Investigation of liquid cloud microphysical
properties of deep convective systems: 1. Parameterization raindrop
size distribution and its application ..., 2016.

This is a 1-parameter PSD, i.e. pnd_agenda_input shall have one
column and pnd_agenda_input_names shall contain a single string.
The input data in pnd_agenda_input shall be rain mass content in
unit of [kg/m3]. The naming used is pnd_agenda_input_names is free
but the same name must be used in particle_bulkprop_names and

Particles are assumed to be near-spherical, ie. psd_size_grid can
either be in terms of volume (or mass) equivalent diameter or
maximum diameter.

Derivatives are obtained analytically.

The validity range of mass content is not limited. Negative mass
contents will produce negative psd values following a distribution
given by abs(RWC), ie. abs(psd)=f(abs(RWC)).

If temperature is outside [ ``t_min`` , ``t_max`` ] psd=0 and dpsd=0 if
picky=0, or an error is thrown if picky=1.

Authors: Jana Mendrok, Patrick Eriksson


psdWangEtAl16( psd_data, dpsd_data_dx, psd_size_grid, pnd_agenda_input_t, pnd_agenda_input, pnd_agenda_input_names, dpnd_data_dx_names, scat_species_a, scat_species_b, t_min, t_max, picky )


OUTpsd_data(Matrix)Particle size distribution values for a set of points.
OUTdpsd_data_dx(Tensor3)Partial derivates of psd_data.
INpsd_size_grid(Vector)The particle sizes associated with psd_data.
INpnd_agenda_input_t(Vector)Temperature input to one element of pnd_agenda_array.
INpnd_agenda_input(Matrix)The variable input to one element of pnd_agenda_array.
INpnd_agenda_input_names(ArrayOfString)Naming of (existing or expected) data in pnd_agenda_input.
INdpnd_data_dx_names(ArrayOfString)Selection of partial derivatives of pnd_data.
INscat_species_a(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
INscat_species_b(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
GINt_min(Numeric, Default: 273)Low temperature limit to calculate a psd.
GINt_max(Numeric, Default: 373)High temperature limit to calculate a psd.
GINpicky(Index, Default: 0)Flag whether to be strict with parametrization value checks.