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Workspace Method refr_index_airInfraredEarth


Calculates the IR refractive index due to gases in the
Earth's atmosphere.

Only refractivity of dry air is considered. The formula used is
contributed by Michael Hoepfner, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe.

The refractivity of dry air is added to refr_index_air. To obtain
the complete value, refr_index_air should be set to 1 before
calling this WSM. This applies also to refr_index_air_group.

The expression used is non-dispersive. Hence, refr_index_air and
refr_index_air_group are identical.

Authors: Mattias Ekstrom


refr_index_airInfraredEarth( refr_index_air, refr_index_air_group, rtp_pressure, rtp_temperature )


OUT+INrefr_index_air(Numeric)Real part of the refractive index of air.
OUT+INrefr_index_air_group(Numeric)Group index of refractivity.
INrtp_pressure(Numeric)Pressure at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_temperature(Numeric)Temperature at a radiative transfer point.