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Workspace Method scat_dataCheck


Method for checking the validity and consistency of the single
scattering properties in scat_data.

It checks that scat_data does not contain any invalid values,
that is any NaN elements in K, Z, or a or any negative values in
the 'scalar' properties K11, Z11, and a1.

When ``check_type`` is 'all', it is furthermore checked that the
scattering matrix is properly normalized, that is that the solid
sphere integrated scattering matrix (int_Z11), which is supposed to
be normalized to the scattering cross section, is sufficiently
consistent with the scattering cross section (C_sca) derived from
the difference of extinction (K11) and absorption (a1):
int_z11 ~ C_sca = K11-a1.
Sufficient consistency is defined by the maximum allowed deviation
in single scattering albedo, ``sca_mat_threshold``, testing for::

  ( <int_Z11>/<C_sca>-1. ) * ( <C_sca>/<K11> ) <= sca_mat_threshold.

The check is skipped if ``check_type`` is 'sane'.

Authors: Claudia Emde, Jana Mendrok


scat_dataCheck( scat_data, check_type, sca_mat_threshold )


INscat_data(ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData)Array of single scattering data.
GINcheck_type(String, Default: "all")The level of checks to apply on scat_data ('sane' or 'all'; see above).
GINsca_mat_threshold(Numeric, Default: 5e-2)Threshold for allowed albedo deviation (see above).