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Workspace Method sensor_checkedCalc


Checks consistency of the sensor variables.

The following WSVs are examined: f_grid, sensor_pos, sensor_los,
transmitter_pos, mblock_dlos, antenna_dim,
sensor_response, sensor_response_f, sensor_response_pol,
and sensor_response_dlos.

If any of these variables are changed, then this method shall be
called again (no automatic check that this is fulfilled!).

The main tests are that dimensions of sensor variables agree
with other settings, e.g., the size of f_grid, atmosphere_dim,
stokes_dim, etc.

If any test fails, there is an error. Otherwise, sensor_checked
is set to 1.

Authors: Jana Mendrok


sensor_checkedCalc( sensor_checked, atmosphere_dim, stokes_dim, f_grid, sensor_pos, sensor_los, transmitter_pos, mblock_dlos, sensor_response, sensor_response_f, sensor_response_pol, sensor_response_dlos )


OUTsensor_checked(Index)OK-flag for sensor related variables.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INstokes_dim(Index)The dimensionality of the Stokes vector (1-4).
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INsensor_pos(Matrix)The sensor position for each measurement block.
INsensor_los(Matrix)The sensor line-of-sight (LOS) for each measurement block.
INtransmitter_pos(Matrix)Transmitter positions.
INmblock_dlos(Matrix)The set of angular pencil beam directions for each measurement block.
INsensor_response(Sparse)The matrix modelling the total sensor response.
INsensor_response_f(Vector)The frequencies associated with the output of sensor_response.
INsensor_response_pol(ArrayOfIndex)The polarisation states associated with the output of sensor_response.
INsensor_response_dlos(Matrix)The relative zenith and azimuth angles associated with the output of sensor_response.