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Workspace Method sensor_poslosFromECEF


Converts sensor position and LOS from ECEF to geocentric values.

The geodetic position and line-of-sight (LOS) are defined by 
sensor_pos_ecef and sensor_los_ecef. The later WSV is here
allowed to be empty (but gives an empty sensor_los). Otherwise 
the number of rows in the two WSVs must agree.

So far only 3D is handled.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


sensor_poslosFromECEF( sensor_pos, sensor_los, sensor_pos_ecef, sensor_los_ecef, refellipsoid )


OUTsensor_pos(Matrix)The sensor position for each measurement block.
OUTsensor_los(Matrix)The sensor line-of-sight (LOS) for each measurement block.
INsensor_pos_ecef(Matrix)As sensor_pos but using ECEF coordinates.
INsensor_los_ecef(Matrix)As sensor_los but matching ECEF coordinates.
INrefellipsoid(Vector)Reference ellipsoid.