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Workspace Method sensor_responsePolarisation


Extraction of non-default polarisation components.

The default is to output the Stokes elements I, Q, U and V (up to
stokes_dim). This method allows to change the "polarisation" of
the output. Polarisation components to be extracted are selected by
instrument_pol. This method can be applied at any step of the sensor
matrix set-up.

The method can only be applied on data for I, Q, U and V. The value
of stokes_dim must be sufficiently large for the selected
components. For example, I+45 requires that stokes_dim is at
least 3. 

See instrument_pol for coding of polarisation states.

Note that the state of iy_unit is considered. This WSV must give
the actual unit of the data. This as, the extraction of components
is slightly different if data are radiances or brightness
temperatures.  In practise this means that iy_unit (as to be
applied inside iy_main_agenda) must be set before calling this

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


sensor_responsePolarisation( sensor_response, sensor_response_f, sensor_response_pol, sensor_response_dlos, sensor_response_pol_grid, sensor_response_f_grid, sensor_response_dlos_grid, stokes_dim, iy_unit, instrument_pol )


OUT+INsensor_response(Sparse)The matrix modelling the total sensor response.
OUT+INsensor_response_f(Vector)The frequencies associated with the output of sensor_response.
OUT+INsensor_response_pol(ArrayOfIndex)The polarisation states associated with the output of sensor_response.
OUT+INsensor_response_dlos(Matrix)The relative zenith and azimuth angles associated with the output of sensor_response.
OUT+INsensor_response_pol_grid(ArrayOfIndex)The "polarisation grid" associated with sensor_response.
INsensor_response_f_grid(Vector)The frequency grid associated with sensor_response.
INsensor_response_dlos_grid(Matrix)The zenith and azimuth angles associated with sensor_response.
INstokes_dim(Index)The dimensionality of the Stokes vector (1-4).
INiy_unit(String)Selection of output unit for radiative transfer methods.
INinstrument_pol(ArrayOfIndex)Definition of the polarisation of an instrument.