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Workspace Method sensor_responseStokesRotation


Includes a rotation of the Stokes H and V directions.

The method applies the rotations implied by stokes_rotation.
See the description of that WSV for details.

This method does not change the size of sensor_response, and
the auxiliary variables (sensor_response_f etc.) are not changed.

To apply the method, stokes_dim must be >= 3. The complete effect
of the rotation can not be determibed with lower stokes_dim.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


sensor_responseStokesRotation( sensor_response, sensor_response_f_grid, sensor_response_pol_grid, sensor_response_dlos_grid, stokes_dim, stokes_rotation )


OUT+INsensor_response(Sparse)The matrix modelling the total sensor response.
INsensor_response_f_grid(Vector)The frequency grid associated with sensor_response.
INsensor_response_pol_grid(ArrayOfIndex)The "polarisation grid" associated with sensor_response.
INsensor_response_dlos_grid(Matrix)The zenith and azimuth angles associated with sensor_response.
INstokes_dim(Index)The dimensionality of the Stokes vector (1-4).
INstokes_rotation(Vector)Rotation of the Stokes H and V directions.