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Workspace Method spectral_radiance_fieldClearskyPlaneParallel


Clear-sky radiance field of a plane parallel atmosphere.

The method assumes a 1D flat planet. Radiances along each direction
given by za_grid are calculated using ppathPlaneParallel
and iyEmissionStandard.

Surface properties are defined by iy_surface_agenda, i.e. there is no
restriction to e.g. specular surfaces.

Note that the variable ppath_lmax is considered, and that it can be
critical for the accuracy for zenith angles close to 90 degrees. That
is, using ppath_lmax=-1 is not recommended for this function.

Information on transmittance is also provided by the GOUT *trans_field*.
For up-welling radiation (scat_za > 90), this variable holds the
transmittance to space, for considered position and propagation direction.
For down-welling radiation, *trans_field* holds instead the transmittance
down to the surface.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


spectral_radiance_fieldClearskyPlaneParallel( spectral_radiance_field, trans_field, propmat_clearsky_agenda, water_p_eq_agenda, iy_space_agenda, iy_surface_agenda, iy_cloudbox_agenda, stokes_dim, f_grid, atmosphere_dim, p_grid, z_field, t_field, nlte_field, vmr_field, abs_species, wind_u_field, wind_v_field, wind_w_field, mag_u_field, mag_v_field, mag_w_field, z_surface, ppath_lmax, rte_alonglos_v, rt_integration_option, surface_props_data, za_grid, use_parallel_za )


OUTspectral_radiance_field(Tensor7)Spectral radiance field.
GOUTtrans_field(Tensor3)Dimensions: [f_grid,p_grid,za_grid]. See further above.
INpropmat_clearsky_agenda(Agenda)Agenda calculating the absorption coefficient matrices.
INwater_p_eq_agenda(Agenda)Agenda to calculate the saturation pressure of water.
INiy_space_agenda(Agenda)Agenda providing the downwelling radiation at the top of the atmosphere.
INiy_surface_agenda(Agenda)Agenda providing the upwelling radiation from the surface.
INiy_cloudbox_agenda(Agenda)Agenda deriving the intensity at boundary or interior of the cloudbox.
INstokes_dim(Index)The dimensionality of the Stokes vector (1-4).
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INz_field(Tensor3)The field of geometrical altitudes.
INt_field(Tensor3)The field of atmospheric temperatures.
INnlte_field(EnergyLevelMap)The field of NLTE temperatures and/or ratios.
INvmr_field(Tensor4)VMR field.
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
INwind_u_field(Tensor3)Zonal component of the wind field.
INwind_v_field(Tensor3)Meridional component of the magnetic field.
INwind_w_field(Tensor3)Vertical wind component field.
INmag_u_field(Tensor3)Zonal component of the magnetic field.
INmag_v_field(Tensor3)Meridional component of the magnetic field.
INmag_w_field(Tensor3)Vertical component of the magnetic field.
INz_surface(Matrix)The surface altitude.
INppath_lmax(Numeric)Maximum length between points describing propagation paths.
INrte_alonglos_v(Numeric)Velocity along the line-of-sight to consider for a RT calculation.
INrt_integration_option(String)Switch between integration approaches for radiative transfer steps.
INsurface_props_data(Tensor3)Various surface properties.
INza_grid(Vector)Zenith angle grid.
GINuse_parallel_za(Index, Default: 1)Flag to select parallelization over zenith angles.