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Workspace Method spectral_radiance_fieldCopyCloudboxField


Set spectral_radiance_field to be a copy of cloudbox_field.

This method can only be used for 1D atmospheres and if the cloud
box covers the complete atmosphere. For such case, the two fields
cover the same atmospheric volume and a direct copying can be made.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


spectral_radiance_fieldCopyCloudboxField( spectral_radiance_field, atmosphere_dim, p_grid, cloudbox_on, cloudbox_limits, cloudbox_field )


OUTspectral_radiance_field(Tensor7)Spectral radiance field.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_limits(ArrayOfIndex)The limits of the cloud box.
INcloudbox_field(Tensor7)The spectral radiance field inside the cloudbx.