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Workspace Method telsemStandalone


Stand-alone evaluation of the Telsem model.

This evaluates the Telsem land surface emissivity
model using the data from the provided atlas.

Since TELSEM atlases do not contain data for all locations
this function allows for nearest neighbor interpolation, which
can be enabled by setting the ``d_max`` GIN to a positive value.

This WSM throws a runtime error if the queried location is not
contained in the atlas or the distance of the neighboring cell
exceeds the given ``d_max`` value.

Authors: Simon Pfreundschuh


telsemStandalone( emissivities, lat, lon, theta, f, ta, d_max )


GOUTemissivities(Matrix)The computed h and v emissivites
GINlat(Numeric)The latitude for which to compute the emissivities.
GINlon(Numeric)The latitude for which to compute the emissivities.
GINtheta(Numeric)The incidence angle.
GINf(Vector)The frequencies for which to compute the emissivities.
GINta(TelsemAtlas)The Telsem atlas to use.
GINd_max(Numeric, Default: -1)The maximum allowed distance for nearest neighbor interpolation in meters.