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Workspace Method telsem_atlasReadAscii


Reads single TELSEM atlas.

'directory' needs to contain the original 12 Telsem atlas files
and the correlations file. This WSM reads the atlas for the specified
month and stores the result in the provided output atlas.

Authors: Simon Pfreundschuh


telsem_atlasReadAscii( atlas, directory, month, filename_pattern )


GOUTatlas(TelsemAtlas)The atlas into which to store the loaded atlas.
GINdirectory(String)Directory with TELSEM 2 SSMI atlas files.
GINmonth(Index)The month for which the atlas should be read.
GINfilename_pattern(String, Default: "ssmi_mean_emis_climato_@MM@_cov_interpol_M2")Filename pattern (@MM@ gets replaced by month number)