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Workspace Method vmr_fieldSetRh


Sets the first H2O species to have a constant relative humidity (RH).

The water vapour saturation pressure is obtained by water_p_eq_agenda
and the setytings in this agenda determines if the RH is e.g. defined
with respect to liquid, or a combination of liquid and ice.

Only the first H2O species is modified.

The default value of *vmr_threshold* aims at avoiding changing VMRs
above the tropopause.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


vmr_fieldSetRh( vmr_field, abs_species, t_field, p_grid, water_p_eq_agenda, rh, vmr_threshold )


OUT+INvmr_field(Tensor4)VMR field.
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
INt_field(Tensor3)The field of atmospheric temperatures.
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INwater_p_eq_agenda(Agenda)Agenda to calculate the saturation pressure of water.
GINrh(Numeric, Default: 1.0)Relative humidity to set.
GINvmr_threshold(Numeric, Default: 15.0e-6)Don't change H2O VMR values below this value.