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Workspace Method yApplyUnit


Conversion of y to other spectral units.

Any conversion to brightness temperature is normally made inside
yCalc. This method makes it possible to also make this conversion
after yCalc, but with restrictions for jacobian and with.
respect to the n2-law of radiance.

The conversion made inside iyEmissionStandard is mimiced
and see that method for constraints and selection of output units.
This with the restriction that the n2-law can be ignored. The later
is the case if the sensor is placed in space, or if the refractive
only devaites slightly from unity.

The method handles y and jacobian in parallel, where
the last variable is only considered if it is set. The
input data must be in original radiance units. A completely
stringent check of this can not be performed.

The method can not be used with jacobian quantities that are not
obtained through radiative transfer calculations. One example on
quantity that can not be handled is jacobianAddPolyfit. There
are no automatic checks warning for incorrect usage!

If you are using this method, iy_unit should be set to "1" when
calling yCalc, and be changed before calling this method.

Conversion of y_aux is not supported.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


yApplyUnit( y, jacobian, y_f, y_pol, iy_unit )


OUT+INy(Vector)The measurement vector.
OUT+INjacobian(Matrix)The Jacobian matrix.
INy_f(Vector)The frequencies associated with y.
INy_pol(ArrayOfIndex)The polarisation states associated with y.
INiy_unit(String)Selection of output unit for radiative transfer methods.