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Workspace Method yColdAtmHot


Computes y from input using standard calibration scheme of
cold-atm-hot observations

If calib evaluates as true:
    y = cold_temp + (hot_temp - cold_temp) * (atm - cold) / (hot - cold)

If calib evaluates as false:
    y = (hot_temp * cold - cold_temp * hot) / (hot - cold)

Authors: Richard Larsson


yColdAtmHot( y, cold, atm, hot, cold_temp, hot_temp, calib )


OUTy(Vector)The measurement vector.
GINcold(Vector)N-elem Vector of cold load linear power
GINatm(Vector)N-elem Vector of atmosphere linear power
GINhot(Vector)N-elem Vector of hot load linear power
GINcold_temp(Numeric)Cold load temperature
GINhot_temp(Numeric)Hot load temperature
GINcalib(Index, Default: 1)Flag for calibration scheme, false means system temperature is computed