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Workspace Method y_geo_swathFromY_geo


Fills y_geo_series with data from y_geo.

The geo-position is taken from the first channel. There is no check
that the other channels have identical data in y_geo.

The method assumes the same order in y as y_swathFromY.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


y_geo_swathFromY_geo( y_geo_swath, y_geo, sensor_response_f_grid, npixel )


OUTy_geo_swath(Tensor3)The geo-positioning assigned to each pixel of y_swath.
INy_geo(Matrix)The geo-position assigned to each element of y.
INsensor_response_f_grid(Vector)The frequency grid associated with sensor_response.
GINnpixel(Index)Number of pixels per swath.