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Workspace Method y_swathFromY


Fills y_swath with data from y.

The method basically reshapes y to fit y_swath. It is assumed
that swath forms the outermost loop in y. That is, first in y
are the data for the first swath etc. The number of pixels per swath
must be specified manually by a GIN parameter.

To set sensor_pos and sensor_los having data organised in swath
format, use MatrixReshapeTensor3.

Default is to check that y_f does not change between posistions,
i.e. that the channel frequencies do not vary.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


y_swathFromY( y_swath, y, y_f, sensor_response_f_grid, npixel, safe )


OUTy_swath(Tensor3)Three-dimensional version of the measurement vector.
INy(Vector)The measurement vector.
INy_f(Vector)The frequencies associated with y.
INsensor_response_f_grid(Vector)The frequency grid associated with sensor_response.
GINnpixel(Index)Number of pixels per swath.
GINsafe(Index, Default: 1)Flag for checking that channels do not vary in frequency.