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Workspace Method ybatchColdAtmHotAtmCycle


Computes ybatch from input using standard calibration scheme of
a cycle through cold-atm-hot-atm-cold-... observations

Computes for every full cycle reaching a new hot or cold:
    y = cold_temp + (hot_temp - cold_temp) * (atm - cold) / (hot - cold)

Assumes data is ordered as Cold-Atm-Hot-Atm-Cold-Atm-Hot-Atm-...,
but Cold does not have to be at data[0], instead the first cold
position is set by ``first_c_index``, which defaults to 0 but can be any positive
index so that level0_data[``first_c_index``] is a cold-measurements.  Note that if
``first_c_index`` is larger than 1, then the first output data will be around the
observation cycle -HAC-, where H is at ``first_c_index``-2

Also returns the times of the Atm measurements in sensor_time
if the measurement's time data is provided

Authors: Richard Larsson


ybatchColdAtmHotAtmCycle( ybatch, sensor_time, level0_data, level0_time, cold_temp, hot_temp, first_c_index )


OUTybatch(ArrayOfVector)Batch of spectra.
OUTsensor_time(ArrayOfTime)The time for each measurement block.
INlevel0_data(ArrayOfVector)List of L0 data.
INlevel0_time(ArrayOfTime)List of L0 times.
GINcold_temp(Vector)Cold load calibration temperature (must match level0_data length)
GINhot_temp(Vector)Hot load calibration temperature (must match level0_data length)
GINfirst_c_index(Index, Default: 0)Index offset of the first cold position