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Workspace Method ybatchTimeAveraging


Time average of ybatch and sensor_time

Authors: Richard Larsson


ybatchTimeAveraging( ybatch, sensor_time, time_step, disregard_first, disregard_last )


OUT+INybatch(ArrayOfVector)Batch of spectra.
OUT+INsensor_time(ArrayOfTime)The time for each measurement block.
GINtime_step(String)Time step in the form "INDEX SCALE", where SCALE is "h", "min", or "s" for hours, minutes or seconds
GINdisregard_first(Index, Default: 0)Flag to remove first time step (e.g., if it is an incomplete step)
GINdisregard_last(Index, Default: 0)Flag to remove last time step (e.g., if it is an incomplete step)