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Workspace Method ybatchTroposphericCorrectionNaiveMedianForward


Performs naive tropospheric corrections on ybatch

Sets ybatch_corr to be able to perform the inverse of the corrections,
each array-element with 3 entries as [median, part_trans, trop_temp]

Uses the same tropospheric temperature for all values if trop_temp.nelem()==1

Authors: Richard Larsson


ybatchTroposphericCorrectionNaiveMedianForward( ybatch_corr, ybatch, range, trop_temp, targ_temp )


OUTybatch_corr(ArrayOfVector)Correction terms for ybatch.
OUT+INybatch(ArrayOfVector)Batch of spectra.
GINrange(ArrayOfIndex, Default: ArrayOfIndex(0))Positions where the median of the baseline is computed, if empty all is used
GINtrop_temp(Vector)Radiative temperature of the troposphere [dim: 1 or ybatch.nelem()]
GINtarg_temp(Numeric, Default: 2.73)Temperature target of the baseline