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Workspace Variable antenna_dlos

The relative line-of-sight of each antenna pattern.

This variable describes the line-of-sight of the individual antennae
relative to sensor_los. If each measurement block corresponds to
a single antenna pattern, the normal choice is to set the angle(s) of
this variable to zero.

The first column holds the relative zenith angle. This column is
mandatory for all atmospheric dimensionalities. For 3D, there can
also be a second column, giving relative azimuth angles. If this
column is not present (for 3D) zero azimuth off-sets are assumed.

See further the ARTS user guide (AUG). Use the index to find where
this variable is discussed. The variable is listed as a subentry to
"workspace variables".

Usage: Set by the user.

Unit:  [ degrees, degrees ]

Size:  [ number of antennae, 1 or 2 ]

Group: Matrix

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