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Workspace Variable atm_fields_compact

A compact set of atmospheric fields on a common set of grids.

Data is supposed to contain basic atmsopheric fields for a RT
calculation, i.e., temperature, altitude, and gas VMRs. It can
furthermore contain fields describing scattering species like mass
content, mass flux, number density of diverse scattering species.

VMR fields are unitless, scattering species fields are supposed to be
in SI units (i.e. kg/m3 for mass contents, kg/m2/s for mass flux,
1/m3 for number densities).

The data are stored in a GriddedField4.

The first field in the matrix (i.e., first matrix column) has to be
atmospheric pressure. Apart from this, the order of the fields is
free. Field content (apart from pressure) is identified by their
given field name tag. Furthermore, absorption species (e.g. VMR)
fields and scattering species fields are related to abs_species
and scat_species entries, respectively, by their field name tags.
The tags must exhibit the following structure:

0) species identifier:
   Fields, supposed to be sorted into vmr_field, must be headed the
   tag 'abs_species'. Names of scattering species fields likewise must
   be headed by the 'scat_species' tag. Temperature and altitude
   fields do not hold any heading tag.
1) species name:
   The (core) name of the field: 'T' for temperature, 'z' for
   altitude, the absorption species name (e.g. 'H2O, 'O3', etc.) for
   absorption species, the scattering species name (e.g. 'IWC') for
   scattering species. For scattering species, this part is matched
   against the scattering species name part of the scat_species
2) field type:
   This has to be given for scattering species only, indicating the
   type of the scattering species fields, i.e. 'mass_density',
   'mass_flux', 'number_density', 'mean_mass'.

Dashes ('-') serve as delimiter, separating the elements of each
field name tag.

Usage: Used inside batch calculations, to hold successive atmospheric
states from an ArrayOfGriddedField4.


- GriddedField4:

  - ArrayOfString field_names[N_fields]
  - Vector p_grid[N_p]
  - Vector lat_grid[N_lat]
  - Vector lon_grid[N_lon]
  - Tensor4 data[N_fields][N_p][N_lat][N_lon]

Group: GriddedField4

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